21-Jul-2018Denton, TX(17 miles)Reptiles for Sale
AVAILABLE TBD AGE 0-three monthS Sponsored Barn Cat There are those people that trap cats and bring them to the shelter. Sometime they are precious kitties. Others have to be adopted out as a barn cat. Which means they are feral. It is so sad, because often...
20-Jul-2018Dallas, TX(17 miles)Reptiles for Sale
27-Jun-2018Dallas, TX(17 miles)Reptiles for Sale
Summary: Breed - Reptile, Price - $80 Seller Description: Boa for sale he s much larger now and is hand tame with a strong appetite and comes with tanks and other supplies


1-May-2018Dallas, TX(17 miles)Reptiles for Sale
Seller Description: SULCATAS, baby Sulcatas $80 ea; yearling Ivory 6-8" $800 ea 6 to choose from, Redfoot babies, $125 ea; 7 proven females 50 to 100 lbs, $ 800 - $ 1250 ea; Baby Russians $130 ea - www.tortugavilla.com
Summary: Breed - American Bulldog - Mixed Breed, Donation - N/A Seller Description: Shop frog is an approx 11 month old American Bulldog mix we think, ---- a true lovebug. A good samaritan saved him from a neglectful elderly owner. The owner was poor and could not properly care for Shop. Poor baby was tied up to a trailer where he was exposed to the element. Shop is such a forgiving boy. Thanks...
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